We were made to be relational. This journey of life is full of ups and downs and it is helpful and healthy to have people along side us to take this journey with. When you have a group of friends to go through life with, it just makes life that much sweeter. They are there to share your joys, your challenges, your difficult times and your “typical” days.

I have such a group of five friends that I met way back in college. Several of us shared an apartment together, three of us married within three months of each other and we all set aside one weekend a year to get together. We call ourselves the “G6” which simply¬† refers to our “Group of 6”. The idea for the name came from the Group of Twenty (G20).

There is really no magic number to the size of the group or that there even has to be a group! The point I am making is that you simply have a network of a g6-2014few close friends.

Our group connects regularly. Seldom a day goes by when one of the six of us doesn’t send an email. On rare occasions, all of us will have time to reply a few times during the day. Lately, we’ve been taking advantage of group texts as well.

One of the benefits for our group is the monthly prayer requests we organize. Each month we share a personal prayer request and we also include the children among our families that have a birthday in that month. As Dads, including our children in the prayer requests is a wonderful way for us to demonstrate our care for them and the importance of quality friendships.

Each March we come together for a ‘guys’ weekend. This has historically taken place around Illinois basketball since we all graduated from the University of Illinois. For about ten years now we have attended the Big Ten Tournament that takes place in Chicago or Indianapolis. Additionally, we try to get together another 2-3 times a year with our families, though seldom are we all able to attend on these other occasions.

In thinking about our friendship, the key is that we are intentional. We pray for each other, we share advice with each other, we encourage each other, we joke with each other and we share a bond with each other. We are all followers of Jesus Christ and challenge each other to live each day with purpose through Him. Christ is our foundation.

If you don’t have a close network of friends, what is keeping you from creating one? If you do have a network of friends you consider close, are you being intentional?