unbroken-bookRarely do I have time to sit down and enjoy a good book. However, I got the book Unbroken, by Laura Hillenbrand, for Christmas and started reading it after breakfast. I could hardly put it down as I was pulled in to the story. From his antics as a youth to his days of becoming an Olympic runner to his time in the Army to the plane crash, survival, prison camp, more survival (barely) to the aftermath, the story of Louis Zamperini is a fascinating one.
I whipped through all 406 pages of the paperback in a personal best, three days (more like two and a half).

Thankful for days off and time to read, I was glad to learn about the story of Louie Zamperini. It is a story of amazing courage. As I read, the story of surviving the plane crash and then the many days of surviving in the ocean is more than enough for a fascinating story but then, everything they went through in a Japanese prison camp makes it all the more epic.

A couple weeks after reading the book, I had the opportunity to see the film. Though I really enjoyed the movie, the film wasn’t able to capture the essence of all that Louie, and others, went through. Even the book may not have done it justice. Even after reading about it, it is hard to imagine the level of starvation, thirst, loneliness, and pain they must have gone through. I say “they” because even though the story was about Louie, others, such as Russell Phillips, survived along with him.

I can not recommend this book highly enough. It is stories like this that make you think twice about complaining in any circumstance.