Family Camp

The best place you can take your family for vacation is to Gull Lake Ministries. Our family loves to go to a week of family camp in the summer. Each week they highlight a different mission organization. The week we were there this year, Wycliffe Bible Translators Ministries was there, represented by Forrest and Wanda Zander.

Notice the airstrip at the top of the picture just under the wing.

Notice the airstrip at the top of the picture just under the wing.

I had a chance to sit down with Forrest and talk about his experiences on the mission field. He served in South America for over 20 years, 10 as a pilot and 10 as Administrator/Manager.

Right Decisions

One of his most memorable experiences was when he had to go to a village to pick up a woman who was dressed for travel. This was likely her first airplane ride and she was nervous about it. There was a short airstrip that dropped off at the end to a river. With tall trees all around too, he had to make the right decisions during those critical seconds to get the altitude necessary to get that bird airborne!

As he says, “If you mess up the take off, it ruins the whole flight.”

The reaction of this woman was one of fear. She became so scared that she put her skirt up over her head! Once he made the climb out, he hesitated to check on her because of the awkward situation. Then he decided he needed to make sure she was okay and saw that she had TWO skirts on! Whew.

The translators at that village later told him that the women of that tribe always wear two skirts. He couldn’t recall why but that was custom attire for them.If you mess up the take-off, it ruins the whole flight

These translators were there about 30 years ministering to this village and working on Bible translation. They were able to translate, not only the New Testament but the Old Testament as well.

Bible Translation

Typically, only the New Testament is translated because of the time and effort it takes to translate the Old Testament. Often the decision is that the resources could better be used translating the New Testament in another language in order to reach more people with the gospel.

Two of the four kids of these translators remained in Ecuador in ministry. The oldest son, Randy Borman, elected to become a Cofan indian and married a Cofan lady. He was so respected by the people b/c he spoke the language so well and knew the culture. When it was time to choose a new Chief, he was chosen as Chief of the tribe.

He had great respect for the flora and fauna in the jungles and there was a particular species of turtle that was disappearing from the jungles. Randy was able to work with the tribe to create a turtle pond in order for these turtles to reproduce these endangered turtles and grow in population then return them to the wild.

Bibleless Peoples Prayer Project

I’ve been praying for the Oloma people who are a group currently without a Bible translated in their language. If you want to see the world hear about the Good News of Jesus Christ, you can begin praying for others who have not heard. Join the Bibleless Prayer Project by visiting Prayer Requests – Wycliffe Bible Translators.

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