083 – Avoiding Child-Centered Parenting

Show Notes Fun Times with Dad: Purdue/Indiana basketball rivalry and shamrock shakes! Parenting toddlers is challenging but we need to be consistent and firm during these years. Your “no” should mean “no”. It should not mean to ask until I say “yes”. This episode focuses on the danger of child-centered parenting and goes through the example of Cain. Child-Centered Parenting: Leads to the Parents’ Shame (Proverbs 29:15) Feeds Self-Destructive Lifestyles (1 Samuel 2:29 Is an Abdication of God-given Authority and…

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015 – Training Your Toddlers

Show Notes Listener Question: What is a good Bible for kids learning to read? Adventure Bible, Revised, NIV – note that this is more advanced and for a child who knows how to read. I recommend reading this to your child if you are looking for an actual Bible, rather than, a Bible story book as this listener was. Have them follow along and as they are learning to read, use this to help them in that process. 6 Ways…

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