088 – The Parent’s Challenge

Show Notes Fun Times with Dad: I don’t really have a “fun” time that I am sharing in this episode, but rather a story of our leaving one of our children at church on Mother’s Day. It was an accident and there’s a really good explanation! Class of 2017 Our firstborn child graduated from High School this past Saturday (5/13/17). In this episode, I talk about our experience of Alex’s graduation weekend. He will be starting his studies at Purdue…

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072 – Turning the Page

Show Notes Fun Times with Dad: Playing basketball with my sons. The benefit of having two sons, is that when the older son starts to catch up to you and beat you once in a while, you still have the younger son to beat. Reading Rocks! There are so many benefits to reading. Instilling in your children a love of reading will go far in benefiting them throughout their lives. Even in books that you read for pleasure contains a…

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029 – Decisions We Have Made in Parenting, Part 2

Show Notes In this episode, Heather and I continue our conversation talking about some of the decisions God has led us to in our parenting journey. If you missed part 1, you can find it in episode 028. 1. Kids Activities There seems to be a lot of pressure to involve your kids in a variety of activities from preschool all the way through High School. We have chosen to limit the number of activities our children participate in because…

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