Today I had the opportunity to share the sermon for our congregation. There are between 200-250 that attend our church each Sunday. As the Youth Leader, I have the opportunity to prepare a sermon near the end of the school year on the Sunday which we honor our graduates.



The most beneficial aspect of preaching a sermon is when I prepare I learn so much from the study of God’s word. I should be so diligent each and every time I pick up the Bible. To be able to communicate the truth and insights to the congregation is great challenge and honor.

I’m no comedian but I like to make people laugh, so naturally, I try to have some fun as well. This helps the congregation to engage and helps me find a comfort level.

The message I shared was on Genesis 15 where God makes a covenant with Abram to make him a great nation with more descendants than he will be able to count. I talked about the culture of the days of Abram and the possible experiences he may have had with covenants of the type that God made with him. It is a fascinating chapter full of the richness of God’s grace.

I have always enjoyed the opportunities to speak at church, whether to the teens in youth ministry or to the congregation in a sermon.