I’ve been to many conferences, seminars and training sessions in my career. Very few provide the impact I hope it will. Most are beneficial in some way and I try to find a key take-away from them all. Many also provide good networking opportunities.

Recently, I went to Kent Julian’s Speak It Forward Boot Camp. This event provides a great professional development opportunity and helps me both personally and professionally. I find great insight from this conference in becoming a better leader and also a better communicator, particularly in the area of speaking but in the area of communicating with my team as well.

Kent consistently over delivers at these events and is a wonderfully encouraging individual with a great motivating personality. As an example, as we go through the material during the Boot Camp, Kent will occasionally pause during his instruction when he thinks of a relating story or additional key point that will help in our understanding. He calls it a bonus and asks, “Hey, you guys want a bonus?” We unanimously respond “BONUS TIME!” and excitedly anticipate his next words.

But why be someone who over delivers? Why not settle for giving people what they pay for?speakitforward-1114

Because, that’s what everyone else does. Let me repeat that. Because, that is what everyone else does.

If you’re okay being like everyone else, then please, feel free to give them what they pay for.

But if you want to be someone who makes and impact and spreads his influence then you need to be someone who over delivers in what ever area it is that you are in.

Regardless of who your customer is, be the person who goes the extra mile and make the extra effort to do it better than was expected.

It is then that you will become the person that your customers talk about. You will be the person your customers come back to because they will remember the value they got from you.

Dan Miller, from 48days.net, generally leads a session at the Boot Camp. His sessions are consistently one of the highlights as he also is someone who over delivers. Brian Dixon, dixonagency.org, is another person who over delivers. He shared a session with us as well at Kent’s Boot Camp and provided and extra service that we had the opportunity to take advantage of.

There are others, I know, but these are three men who have provided me a great example of how it’s done.

They’ve been successful by over delivering. So it’s got to be worth it!