This week was a little lighter on the miles to give my body a chance to recover. I noticed some soreness in my left knee and wanted to give it a few days rest.

The week started great on Saturday. We again had beautiful weather and I put in a solid 4.6 miles. Not the best pace at 8:47 but decent, I would say, for where I’m at.

On Sunday, I wanted to get in a hard two miles to see if I could do it under an eight minute pace. It was a good run. A little windy but I ran it in 15:27 with splits of 7:35 and 7:52. I was very happy with that time.

I took Monday through Wednesday off and ran again on Thursday. I ran three miles in 26:02 for a steady 8:40 pace. It felt good to get back out but it was snowing so the roads were wet and my old shoes soaked through to my toes. But a runner’s gotta run!

I finished off February with 55 miles for the month. I noticed my mileage has been steadily dropping each of the past several weeks so I’ll get that back up for March.

Mileage Tracker:
Week 1: 5.2 miles
Week 2: 6.2
Week 3: 8.0
Week 4: 11.4
Week 5: 18.4
Week 6: 14.0
Week 7: 11.8
Week 8: 11.5
Week 9: 9.6
Year To Date: 96.1 miles