This may end up being the most unique week of training for the KT82. I attended a conference in Scottsdale, AZ early camelback-philin the week so I did things a little differently this week.

On Saturday, we had 12 degree temps so, instead of doing a longer run, I ran three miles. It was just really cold and a little windy.

My wife and I flew to Phoenix on Sunday morning (2/14). We arrived at our hotel around 2:00 in afternoon (MST), got something to eat and headed to Camelback Mountain. We hiked up the mountain on the Colla Trail. The entire hike to the top was 1.5 miles according to my MapMyRun iPhone app. It took exactly an hour to get to the top. Then it took another hour to get done, so we did the whole 3 miles in two hours. We had perfect weather for the hike. It was in the upper 70s and we were in the shade pretty much the entire hike. The trail wasn’t too crowded either, which was nice. I won’t include these 3 miles in my training count since it wasn’t a “run” but it was a great workout and exciting experience, not to mention a great Valentine’s date!


Cholla Trail on Camelback Mountain

I didn’t run on Monday as I wanted to allow time to recover from the hike. I ran on Tuesday morning before my conference started for the day. It was a lovely 54 degrees just before the sun came up. The start was a little bit slow before my muscles got loosened up but it was a good run with negative splits.

I ran again on Wednesday morning and the weather was identical to Tuesday. I went a different route and got in 3.6 miles. It was a gorgeous morning watching the sun rise on Camelback Mountain.

Our flight was delayed and we didn’t home until the wee hours on Thursday morning. I was so tired all day so I didn’t get a run in. I did an interval training run on a windy Friday evening. I ran three miles at a pace of 8:21. Overall a pretty good week. It was a blast to spend much of the week in Arizona.

Mileage Tracker:
Week  1:  5.2 miles
Week  2:  6.2
Week  3:  8.0
Week  4: 11.4
Week  5: 18.4
Week  6: 14.0
Week  7: 11.8
Year To Date: 75.0 miles