This was a fairly productive week of running though I did take extra days of rest.

Saturday, I started the week off with a long six mile run. It was a beautiful day. The sun was out, which helped a lot. My pace ended up being around 9:33 but my goal was to stretch out myself and do a long run.

I ran three miles on Sunday before church. This was probably the worst run of the week. I didn’t get sufficiently rested after the long six mile run and my pace was slower than on Saturday. But it was nice to get the miles in early as I had little opportunity to get a run in later in the day.

I was at a conference on Monday and Tuesday and I was ready to get out and run on Monday night after sitting all day. I only ran two miles but I ran them harder than normal. I ran at a pace of 8:17 which is my fastest pace to date. It felt good to run like that.

I took Tuesday and Wednesday off and ran three on Thursday night. It was a little colder, below freezing and a little breezy. But my pace was under 9 minutes which is good for me. I took Friday off and concluded with 14 miles for the week.

I feel like my pace is starting to drop and running is becoming more running and less jogging. It feels better to get out there. I’m more used to running eight-something for my 3 mile pace. I’d love to get my 3-mile pace below 8:00 so hopefully that’s not too far away.


Mileage Tracker:
January 2-8 5.2 miles
January 9-15 6.2
January 16-22 8.0
January 23-29 11.4
Jan 30-Feb 5 18.4
February 6-12 14.0
YTD 63.2 miles