I turned 41 on Saturday and ran 4.2 miles. However, it was not as easy as I’d hoped it’d be. My pace was over 9 minutes per mile and though it was my longest run to date, I’d hoped it would have been faster.


After my 4.2 run on the day I turned 41.

On Sunday I ran three miles before church, also at a pace over 9 minutes. This run was one I was to share with our team as part of our monthly goals.

Monday was a 4-mile run after work. This was okay but I get home as it gets dark and it’s not always convenient or easy to run in the dark. But I was glad to get in the miles.

I took Tuesday off from running and did a P90X3 workout instead. Wednesday, I did an interval run for three miles and finally got a time below a 9 minute pace. I finished in 26:14 (8:44/mile). I’m told these interval runs will help improve my times. I’d like to get down to an 8:15-8:30/mile pace on a more consistent basis. So I hope with these winter runs, the times will come down more and more as I get in better shape and the weather starts to warm up this spring.

Friday was another 4.2 run to see if I had improved much over the course of the week. There was some improvement. My time was 40 seconds better than it was on Saturday.

Temperatures weren’t too bad this week considering. Mostly in the low 30s but it was in the mid-40s on Saturday and Sunday when I ran.

I still haven’t joined the Rec Center and, if I can avoid that, I’d like to.

All in all, a good week.

Mileage Tracker:
January 2-8     5.2 miles
January 9-15    6.2
January 16-22   8.0
January 23-29  11.4
Jan 30-Feb 5   18.4
YTD            49.2 miles

January mileage: 38.0