Remember the scene in Rocky IV where Rocky travels to Russia to train before fighting Drago? You know, the part where he’s running through the snow? That’s kind of what it’s like in Indiana in the winter. You’re laboriously trudging through snow. That’s a little what it felt like on my Wednesday run.

Well, not entirely but when you’re in the middle of run when there’s snow on the ground, it can sometimes feel that way.

My running team sent out an email with an updated training schedule. This was much more detailed and more aggressive than the original draft sent earlier this month. After a little back and forth, I felt admonished. All in good fun of course but I couldn’t commit to the training schedule as it was laid out. Particularly in these cold winter months. It is nearly double the mileage per week. I will work toward it as my goal each week, however.

This all happened on Wednesday of this week. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me start with Saturday. I had hoped to get in a couple miles early before meeting a friend for breakfast at 7:00. Well, I woke up late and didn’t get my run in until later in the day. I ended up running three miles which is more than I originally intended to run so that’s good. I got an extra mile in. It was nice and sunny and the temperature was around 32°

On Sunday and Tuesday (I took Monday off), I did P90X3 lower body workouts. I felt the burn. That catches us up back to Wednesday. It was only about 19° F out but I was feeling the pressure to get in the miles. I had originally planned to get in a quick 1.2 but then decided to run two miles. As I thought more about it, I decided I would push myself and run three.

Now, I’ve never claimed to be any kind of all-American athlete so I knew it would be slow. Finishing the last steps back home, I said a short prayer, “Please be under 30 minutes”, as I pressed the stop button on my watch. It was dark so I couldn’t tell what my time was. When I held it up to the light it read 29:59.90. My prayer was answered! A bit slower than Saturday’s run but also with colder temps, slicker roads and an older pair of shoes.

On Thursday, I did a 2 mile interval training run. As described by the running coach in the group “Run as fast as you can one block or one telephone pole at a time, break it into different length pieces.  Stressing the system with interval training is the only way to achieve significant fitness gains.” I was happy with my time after this workout.

While I didn’t get in all the miles as listed on the proposed training schedule (this week’s goal was 10 miles), I am including other workouts (e.g. T25, P90X3) to get in shape. That’s got to count for something!

Mileage Tracker
January 2-8   5.2 miles
January 9-15  6.2
January 16-22 8.0
YTD          19.4 miles