This week started with the annual Chloe K 5K run for Autism research benefiting OAR. My friend Jeff and his wife Susie organize the event each year. This year was the 10th annual event.IMG_4960

I ran a 23:44 (7:37 pace) and finished 3rd in my age group. Really, I was fourth but the overall male winner was in my age group so I slid in to get an award. Hey, I’ll take it however it comes!

My father-in-law, Roger also finished 3rd in his age group and Nolan finished 1st in his age group! He didn’t even train so we were all shocked. He ran it in a little over 26 minutes. Emma also ran it and Heather walked it. Alex was all signed up to run it but he was sick and didn’t come with us.

I used Saturday for simulation training as I went out later in the morning for another 5 mile run. It was warm and sunny and took a lot out of me, especially after IMG_4968the 5K and I ran it at a pace of 8:30. I got in another 3 miles at an 8:18 pace in the afternoon.

Being worn out from 11+ miles on Saturday, I took Sunday off and ran two miles on Monday. I took off Tuesday and got in a slow three mile run on Wednesday at the annual Spring Fling event we have at work each year. We had a group of five of us and we didn’t want to push too hard because not all of us were in running shape. It was more of an activity for male bonding than for a hard work out.

I put in 4.5 miles on a hot and humid Thursday evening. It was a hard 8:27 pace. So, my total for the week was 20.6 as I took Friday off as well.

Mileage Tracker:
Week 1: 5.2 miles
Week 2: 6.2
Week 3: 8.0
Week 4: 11.4
Week 5: 18.4
Week 6: 14.0
Week 7: 11.8
Week 8: 11.5
Week 9: 9.6
Week 10: 20.5
Week 11: 10.0
Week 12: 19.8
Week 13: 18.4
Week 14: 20.0
Week 15: 23.1
Week 16: 20.3
Week 17: 27.4
Week 18: 24.6
Week 19: 24.5
Week 20: 25.3
Week 21: 20.6
YTD: 350.7 miles