It was the coldest of days, it was the warmest of days. For January anyway.

I am happy to report that I met my weekly goal of five miles this week. Honestly it wasn’t even too difficult to accomplish.

I started out on Saturday with a 3.1 mile run. Not a fast pace by any means. I feel like when I start running again, phil-kt82-2it’s more of a labored jog than a run. But I made it nonetheless and I will count the miles regardless of whether or not it looked like I was running.

Saturday was a pleasant 39 degrees when I went out but then, the temperature dropped. Sunday was a cold day and when we got home that evening I decided to put in another mile. It was only 10 degrees out but I figured I’d bundle up and hit the pavement. So I got in another 1.1 mile labored jog.

I didn’t do anything on Monday and then got in a T25 workout on Tuesday. Wednesday was another day off but I did run on Thursday after work. It was balmy 45 degrees in upstate Indiana. I enjoyed a 2 mile run. For sure it was the best run of the month, though I’ve only run like six times but still, it was nice to feel good on a run. I put in 2 miles for a weekly total of 6.2!

I was excited about the 2 miles because the last time I ran that distance a week earlier, it took me 45 seconds longer. So it was nice to drop my time a little.

Mileage Tracker:
January 2-8     5.2 miles
January 9-15   6.2
YTD                11.4 miles
I finished the week with a stretch workout on Friday (today). Nothing strenuous but probably good for this tall, attractive, forty-something guy trying to get in shape.