Another solid week of running is in the books.

The week started out rainy.phil-wk18

I put in two runs on Saturday, 4.8 and 4.3 miles, respectively. It was overcast during the first run and raining during the second run. It started to rain a little during the end of my first run and rained all day long. My pace was decent at 8:18 and 8:12.

I had two reasons for wanting to get two runs in on Saturday, 1) I wanted to simulate the KT82 relay of doing two runs on the same day with a few hours of rest between them and 2) it was the last day of April and I wanted to hit 100 miles for the month. I was glad to hit the 100 mile mark for the month.

I plugged through 5.5 miles on Sunday morning. It was a little drizzly but not a steady rain. Pace was 8:34 so not as good but maybe I was a little tired from the Saturday runs.

I took Monday, Wednesday and Friday off this week and put another 5.5 miles in on Tuesday. My pace was better than Sunday at 8:09.

My last run for the week was 4.5. My start felt a little slow and I never really felt like I was in a running groove at any point during the run. It was a little windy but I still managed an 8:06 pace.

Overall, I covered 24.6 miles this week.

Mileage Tracker:
Week 1:   5.2 miles
Week 2:   6.2
Week 3:   8.0
Week 4:  11.4
Week 5:  18.4
Week 6:  14.0
Week 7:  11.8
Week 8:  11.5
Week 9:   9.6
Week 10: 20.5
Week 11: 10.0
Week 12: 19.8
Week 13: 18.4
Week 14: 20.0
Week 15: 23.1
Week 16: 20.3
Week 17: 27.4
Week 18: 24.6
YTD:    280.3 miles