I crossed the 250 mile plateau this week in miles for the year. I suppose at this pace I could get to 750 for the year but I don’t have plans to run 20 miles/week after the race.IMG_4807

I had a solid week of running, starting with 4.4 on Saturday at a pace of 8:05. I think that is about the fastest pace I’ve had for that distance.

I got in a long 8-mile run on Sunday morning. This run took me past a cow pasture. As I approached them, the cows just stared at me, apparently in awe of my majestic running stride. Then, as I ran by, they all turned and ran which I can only assume was a result of being inspired and feeling a jolt of adrenaline

I did a 2 mile run on Monday just to work on speed and managed a pace of 7:44. I got another 4+ miles in each day on Tuesday through Thursday to finish with 27.4 for the week. This is the most miles I’ve run in a single week so far.

There’s a chance I could get as many or more miles in next week but it’s a little dependent on the weather. I felt pretty good running this week. It’s nice to see the times coming down from past months as well.

Mileage Tracker:
Week 1:   5.2 miles
Week 2:   6.2
Week 3:   8.0
Week 4:  11.4
Week 5:  18.4
Week 6:  14.0
Week 7:  11.8
Week 8:  11.5
Week 9:   9.6
Week 10: 20.5
Week 11: 10.0
Week 12: 19.8
Week 13: 18.4
Week 14: 20.0
Week 15: 23.1
Week 16: 20.3
Week 17: 27.4
YTD:    255.7 miles