IMG_4718This week started out cold on Saturday. As I tweeted, “It was a cold, wintry, January day…in April.” It was so unseasonably cold for Spring. It was 26 degrees with snow on the ground when I headed out to run. The roads were a bit icy and it may have been better to run later in the day but I had a lot of running to do and wanted to get it done. I finished eight miles in seventy minutes, running an average pace of 8:49. This was my longest run of the year to date.

I actually adjusted my route because of the wind, turning around at one point and doing an alternate route.

The week got progressively warmer. My next three runs were four miles each (well, one of them was 4.1). I got a new pair of shoes, Nike Lunarglide 7 model, on Monday and ran with them for the first time on Tuesday. My first mile was sub-8 and I finished the four miles right at an 8:00 pace. I was pretty happy with that time for that mileage. My pace was 8:15 on Wednesday for the four miles. It’s encouraging to see the times improve over the months.

Looking back at my running log, one of my first four mile runs of the year was at a 9:33 pace. So to now be in the 8-8:15 range is nice improvement.

I also hit the 200 mile mark on my Tuesday run.

I finished my week with a 3 mile 8:00 pace on Thursday and took Friday off.

So, I racked up 23.1 miles for the week.

Mileage Tracker:
Week 1: 5.2 miles
Week 2: 6.2
Week 3: 8.0
Week 4: 11.4
Week 5: 18.4
Week 6: 14.0
Week 7: 11.8
Week 8: 11.5
Week 9: 9.6
Week 10: 20.5
Week 11: 10.0
Week 12: 19.8
Week 13: 18.4
Week 14: 20.0
Week 15: 23.1
YTD: 208.0 miles