This was a good rebound week getting in 19.8 miles.

A couple of runs felt pretty good. I had a solid 4-mile run on Saturday, well within my target pace at 8:21. I put in 5.75 miles on Sunday afternoon at a pace of 8:40. We really had rainyrunpretty good weather during the weekend.

I put in another 4-mile run on Tuesday followed by a three mile interval run on Wednesday and 3.1 miles on Thursday.

One of my frustrations is the wind. It is so often windy in northwest Indiana. Running would be more fun for me if it wasn’t so windy so often. It was more windy in the middle of the week and also rainy on my Thursday run. This picture was taken after a cold, windy, rainy run.

Mileage Tracker:
Week  1:  5.2 miles
Week  2:  6.2
Week  3:  8.0
Week  4: 11.4
Week  5: 18.4
Week  6: 14.0
Week  7: 11.8
Week  8: 11.5
Week  9:  9.6
Week 10: 20.5
Week 11: 10.0
Week 12: 19.8
YTD: 146.4 miles