Well, I did indeed up my mileage over last week. The temps warmed up too, which is encouraging for a runner.phil-run-march1

On Saturday I did a long 6.5 mile run. I finished with a 9 minute pace but each mile was more difficult. Good day to stretch out my mileage though. It was a little windy and cool.

Sunday, I did a 4-mile run with some intervals where I picked up the pace a bit. Runs the day after a long run are always more difficult so including the intervals helped mix it up a little.

Monday evening was warm and comfortable. After a slow start with nearly a 9-minute first mile, I finished with negative splits and an overall pace of 8:35 for the three miles. I felt better the longer it went.

I ran four miles on Tuesday evening four a couple of reasons: a) it was again a beautiful Spring evening with temps in the high 60s and b) I had a Wednesday evening commitment and knew I wouldn’t be able to run then. My pace for the run as okay at around 8:49, though I’d like to get it closer to 8:30. But this was my fourth straight day of running.

I got a good run in on Thursday. Ran a solid 3 miles in 24:57 for an 8:19 pace. I was pretty happy with that to close out my week. I’ll be taking Friday off and heading to the Big Ten Tournament with the G6!! More on that next week.

I more than doubled my miles this week over last week. I did want to start increasing mileage but didn’t necessarily plan on 20 for the week. Good to get in the miles though. Keep running!

Mileage Tracker:
Week  1:  5.2 miles
Week  2:  6.2
Week  3:  8.0
Week  4: 11.4
Week  5: 18.4
Week  6: 14.0
Week  7: 11.8
Week  8: 11.5
Week  9:  9.6
Week 10: 20.5
YTD:    116.6 miles