KT82 Training – Week 1

This week I started training for the KT82 trail relay run on June 4 in Missouri. My buddy, Doug, who lives in the St. Louis area got a few of us together to run it. So, I thought I would blog about my training progress each week to help keep me motivated and accountable.

I live in northwest Indiana, or upstate Indiana, as I like to say sometimes, where the winters can get cold and snowy creating difficult terrain in which to train for a running event. So it is not unlikely that some weeks will be a little lower in mileage simply because I wasn’t able to get out and run as much because of the temperature or the slick roads.

Now you may be thinking to yourself, “Self, why doesn’t he just run on a treadmill?” Good question. The answer is because I don’t have one, I don’t really like running on them and I don’t really want to pay for a membership at the rec center. However, I may buy a membership in February and just tough it out in January.

In addition to pounding the pavement, I plan to work in some T25 or P90X3 workphil-run01outs, which I can complete at home.

As far as my mileage goals, my friend Eric, sent this rough schedule over via email this week. Eric’s kind of the pseudo-coach since he’s the one that sent the training schedule. I’ll work off this schedule and perhaps adjust along the way. I’m not sure about the run 5 miles three times w/ a 15 minute rest as is listed for May but we’ll see when we get to that point.

KT82 Training Goals:

  • January – run¬†5 miles per week
  • February – run 8 miles per week
  • March – 40 mile goal for month – ensure long run of 5 miles at least twice
  • April – 50 mile goal for month – ensure long run of 6 miles at least twice
  • May – each Sat or Sun. – run 5 miles x 3 with 15 minute rest between
  • June 4 – RACE day!

Four of the runners in the relay are part of the G6 which I blogged about in a previous post. Unfortunately, two of the G6 members are unable to run this event with us. (One of which is an actual running coach heading up cross-country¬† and track teams for the school he works at.) We picked the other two runners up via try-outs we held in Peoria. I’m kidding. One, Scott, is a brother of one of the G6 members and the other, Ed, is a runner friend. Both are fellow believers and followers of Christ.

That’s the cool thing about this group of men is that, like the G6, our goal is to ultimately glorify God. Jesus Christ is at the center of our lives.

So, to get in to my week. I met my five mile goal running a total of three times. I will say my pace was slow, about a minute off the pace I said I would run when completing my registration. So I have a goal to work towards. I ran 1.2 miles on Sunday and then 2 miles each on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. On Thursday, I did a T25 workout focusing on the legs. I took Friday off and plan to run again tomorrow.

My goal is to count Saturday as the first day of my training week and blog about the week on Friday.

There may be weeks where I put in more T25/P90X3 workouts if I can’t get out to run. And the forecast doesn’t look favorable for me next week. (Sorry, Eric.) But I figure as long as I’m working on chiseling my physique, I’m making progress toward running for the event.

Gotta run!