I go out for a short run on occasion to try to stay in shape and get a little exercise. The other evening as I was out running, I found that I was more energized for the run on the second mile than I was on the first.

With some endeavors we pursue, we find a similar model. When we start off on a venture it takes some doing to get things going but once we are into it we often find it becomes easier.

I have actually run a marathon and I can tell you that mile 25 is a lot harder than mile 7. But I would argue that mile 7 is easier, in many ways, than mile 1. Particularly if you’ve been training for it, after a couple miles, you get in a grove and just go. At some point, most runners “hit a wall” and it’s all you can do to finish the 26.2 miles.

But you can’t start out too fast or you will likely not even finish. You’ll have no energy left at the end to cross the finish line.

Starting Slow

Projects are sometimes like this. You start out slow because you’re not exactly always sure what you need to do or maybe how exactly to do it and then as you figure things out and get into it, you find a rhythm. I’m experiencing this now as I pursue some different ventures. I’m working through the how-tos on getting things started but once I get through it I’ll get to a point where it will be mostly second nature.

On some projects though you “hit a wall” and it is all you can do to finish. I’ve experienced this too. On a website redesign project we got to a point where it was all we could do to push through and launch it. It happens due to a variety of reasons…other projects get in the way, priorities change, responsibilities shift, etc.

The important thing is, no matter where you’re at, to keep grinding. Keep putting one foot in front of the other. Eventually, one of those steps will take you across the finish line.