power-washI try to be intentional about taking at least one of the kids with me when I go out to run errands. Once when Alex was about four years old, I took him with me to the car wash. I had him help with the power washer. His hand wasn’t big enough to grasp the handle and the trigger so when he grabbed the handle, I pulled the trigger. Suddenly, he started crying and I didn’t know what the problem was. I thought he was a little freaked out by the force of the water or something. Then I realized, I was pinching his hand by my squeezing the trigger of the power washer. I felt so bad for hurting him and even worse for not realizing it right away.

Sometimes we do things to our kids that are harmful to them without even realizing it. We know what is good for our children but sometimes we deny them that which is good. Sometimes we don’t even do it on purpose. For example, if a child’s activities fall on a Sunday and we choose those activities over going to church, we don’t make Christ a priority. However, as a Christian, we want Christ to be the ultimate priority in their life. Some may say, “Yes, but it won’t hurt to miss a Sunday every now and then.” Maybe not, but typically, “every now and then” turns into “every week”, at least for a season. Then after one season, we are suddenly out of the habit of going to church and we get out of the habit of spending any time with God.

The point is, the priorities you establish now will be what sticks with your kids when they are grown. Tedd Tripp writes about our need to show our children the Glory of God. There is nothing more important than showing them God’s Glory. If we raise kids who do not know our Glorious God, we will have grandchildren who do not know our Glorious God. Is that the legacy you want to leave with your children and your children’s children?

Be consistent with putting Christ first in your life and set the example for generations that follow you.