You’ve probably heard the saying, “When opportunity knocks, open the door.” I know that I have spent too much time in my life waiting for the knock. I would go to the door and open it to see if opportunity was coming. I would knock on the door myself just to make sure it was still ‘knockable.’ Then one day I realized opportunity was busy knocking on many other doors.

I grew up in a small rural town of about 850 people. Our family actually lived on a farmstead a mile out of town though it wasn’t a working farm. My dad was a banker and it was he who influenced me to become an accountant. Though I never actually became an accountant. That’s a blog post for another day. What I’m getting at here is that I didn’t see many opportunities in the rural area I grew up in. But in retrospect, I didn’t see them because I wasn’t looking for ttree-doorhem. They were out there to be sure. I think what it came down to was that I wasn’t curious enough.

I ultimately went to college to earn an accounting degree but ended up next door getting a degree in finance. From there, my path took me back to school to get a degree in computer information systems. A computer degree really wasn’t on my radar when I was younger. My understanding of how things worked was that you had a choice of a select number of opportunities. Little did I know that you can actually step outside the room and go off exploring to see if there are other opportunities. I did a good job of boxing myself in.

Seeking out other opportunities starts with knowing a little something about yourself. Whether you do this through a DISC profile or some other tool, you need to understand who you are and how your wired to know what you would enjoy doing. I liked math when I was younger so it seemed natural to go into accounting. But I was also logical and liked order so it may have been more beneficial for me to go into computer programming instead.

The fact is that opportunity knocks all the time. You just have to put yourself in position to be the one to answer the door. One example to leave you with is talking to people, and not just about yourself but letting them talk about themselves. Perhaps an opportunity will present itself in that conversation. And there you will be…ready to reach out and open the door.