With all of the negative publicity on athletes these days, it’s refreshing to have a story about a guy like Jeter. I’m sure he was no saint but compared to recent stories of other athletes, he almost seems to be.

Jeter was a solid player over his 20 year career. If you include all of his postseason games, you could add another year to his career. In 16 post-season appearances, Jeter played in 158 games. A normal regular season is 162 games. That’s pretty astounding. In his post-season career, Jeter hit for an average of .308. Not too shabby. He hit just a little above that, .309, during the regular season.

I am not a New York Yankees fan, so I didn’t follow the career of Derek Jeter all that closely. But he always popped up on the radar from time to time because he was such a good player. When I did hear about him, it was for what he was doing on the field, not off it. He wasn’t in the list of players suspected of using PEDs, he was in the list of players taking extra reps. I always felt that he was a player that played the right way and “respected the game” as they say.

It was easy to be happy for him to get the game-winning RBI at his last at bat in Yankee Stadium on September 25, 2014. He was always easy to root for, even though he was a Yankee. When I did watch him play, he was fun to watch. He played with a lot of confidence and poise. You never really saw him rattled.

Jeter was a well-known player, even by those that didn’t follow the sport. Well, almost. A few years ago I asked my wife if she knew any players in baseball, she proudly stated, “Yes…Eric Jeter.” Close, honey…close.

Top 10 Plays – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bNpkp-o1pU

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