There was a story about a load of 12,000 jars of mayonnaise that was on the Titanic en route to Mexico. You know how they love their mayonnaise in Mexico! So when the ship sank, it took all 12,000 jars of mayonnaise with it. The Mexicans were so distraught over the loss that they dedicated a day of mourning over this event. We now know it as “Sinko de Mayo”.

Of course this isn’t a true story. However, it made me think about the things we “mourn” that “sink” in our lives. Not everything will go exactly as we plan it and we have to be ready to “roll with the punches.”

I am a planner and I like to know what is going on ahead of time to set my expectations. It used to be that when something went awry, I would get upset about it. This has become much less the case as I’ve gotten older. Disruptions to my schedule are less annoying than they used to be and more expected.

Don’t let little inconveniences or unexpected events in the course of a day weigh you down. Remember that there is a purpose for everything.

Use these 4 tips to meet these challenges head on:

1.  Expect disruptions

No matter how well you plan, disruptions happen. Construction on the interstate slows you down. Your child gets sick. Your gas grill catches fire while grilling dinner. You get a flat tire. Your project faces delays. It is just a part of life.

2.  Stay positive

You can’t control every event but you can control how your attitude in working through the disruptions. Keeping a positive attitude helps to turn the circumstance into a more positive result. I’ve shared with you my CAR formula (Circumstance + Attitude = Result). The variable you control in all this is your attitude. You can’t control the circumstance but the result will change depending on a positive or negative attitude.

3.  This too shall pass

Remember that this will not last forever. I’ve taken comfort in this thought on several occasions. When things happen there’s nothing we can do about. It’s happened. We just need to deal with it the best we can.

4.  Plan for disruptions

Schedule in time to account for disruptions in your day. Actually go into your calendar and add an item for an hour or two block of time to account for this.

What other tips do you have for dealing with disruptions?