The following excerpt comes directly from the EntreLeadership podcast, episode 88. You can listen to it beginning at the 25:36 mark from their website. I transcribed it here for the benefit of those who perhaps wish to review it textually. This was spoken by Dave Ramsey at a recent conference.

…and in a sense that’s what these leaders have been doing with us here all week is learning how not just to be an average leader, a typical leader, not with the typical problems … and how to deal with the typical problems in a non-typical, excellent, passion-filled, owner, ‘I care deeply about the income’, kind of way, where the vision is exposed, where things are moved and things are changed?

Because that’s what creates business.

And for those of you that are wandering about in America and you’ve watched too much television or you believed politics for too long, business is not evil. Business that matters, business that is done right is a holy endeavor. Because those business people, those “evil” business people, they’re the ones that give you a job and when they give you a job, America, they allow you to feed your children, those “evil” business capitalists, those are the ones who allow you to feed your children. That’s how you got your house. That’s how you’re saving money for your college educationramsey1, b/c those people dared to move a business from their living room or from their garage, they dared to rent a little space, they dared to walk out and print some business cards, they dared to walk out there in an over regulated world and over taxed world and in the middle of that try to survive and fight and claw and scratch and serve in the marketplace and because of them you have a job. And you get to feed your family.

So America, it’s WAY past time for us to stop vilifying business people. Business should be considered one of the highest, most holy, most spiritual callings there is because you’re going to walk into the marketplace, you’re going to serve someone and when you serve someone and they give you a certificate of appreciation with the president’s face on it you have done good. You have done good. And this idea that somebody making a profit is evil…I’m tired of this socialism message that is coming out of these college classrooms, I’m tired of it coming out of these political parties, I’m tired of it coming out of your left ears of some of your heads because you don’t have a clue. The whole time you’re doing that, you’re eating food that was produced by a capitalist that hooked a plow behind a tractor and made some corn grow.

And so it is time, America, for us to stop vilifying these business people. They are why this country is great. As long as there are garages in America, there will be capitalism. Somebody’s got an idea, there’s a Bill Gates in his dorm room, there’s a Michael Dell in his dorm room that’s got an idea that’ll change the world. Somewhere there’s another Mary Kay and another Jenny Craig. Somewhere there’s another Martha Stewart. There all over the place. Are these perfect people? No there not perfect people but they’re doing more than some of you whiners. They’re out there trying. They’re out there doing stuff, they’re out there moving things around and their putting up with a bunch of criticism from a bunch of do-nothings.

So, it’s time America, it’s time we stand up and salute the people I’ve spent the week with here. This land is great because it is the home of the free enterprise system. You don’t like it, go visit some other countries, you’ll see how that crap doesn’t work. Try to get served in these other countries where there is no incentive. Try to get some quality goods or quality place to stay in some of these countries. They don’t know what they’re doing and you guys are all walking around acting like we got this thing broken. It’s not broken, it’s working. This is no longer an experiment, this thing called America. It’s not a proven commodity. It’s real. Its’ really happening. And you can stand up this morning and decide you’re going to be in business and instantaneously you are. Isn’t freedom awesome? And if you serve poorly, your customers won’t give you money and you’re out of money. Isn’t that awesome? I think it’s awesome when people go out of business ‘cause they suck. Because I think It’s just as awesome that when they do a great job they can live their dreams and some of you get to work for them while they’re living their dreams and you cash their checks and you get to live your dreams because of it and have the highest standard of living on the planet that the world has ever known.

So stop your whining.