One of my goals each year is to take my daughter, Emma, on four datesddd-oct14 at some point throughout the year. We call them “Daddy-Daughter Dates.” Ideally, I like to do it at least once a quarter. For me to be intentional about it, I need to get it on my calendar and set up reminders to make sure I get it done. Sadly, I don’t think I got four dates in the first year or two I did this. But it is important to me to do this and it is fun to spend one-on-one time with her.

I have a couple reasons for doing it:
1) I get to know her
I try to take advantage of our time together and ask her questions about school, friends, current insterests, etc. It helps me stay in touch with what’s going on in her life. It’s a good time for me to focus just on her and understand what is going on in her head.

2) I want to set a precedent
If I decide to let her date when she’s older, 🙂 I want her to have an example of how a lady should be treated. I don’t want some shmuck treating her badly or disrecpectfully. I also don’t want someone to not be interested in what she is interested in.

Dating yoddd-nov14ur daughter doesn’t have to be expensive. We’ve done all kinds of different things for dates. We’ve gone uptown for ice cream, we’ve gone out for hot chocolate, we’ve gone to the movies and recently we went to Chicago to see Annie, the musical. That last one was a bit expensive but I wanted to do something special. It could be as simple as playing frisbee in the park.

The key is to make it happen and take the time to make it happen. Taking time for your kids is huge in filling their love tank.

And this is a great opportunity to make a memory!

What are some date ideas you have for dating your daughter? Let me know in the comments!