The word you are hoping to never hear yelled in your home. There indeed was a fire.

It was Christmas Eve, 2016. My kids and I were getting our lunch together in the kitchen. Nolan had his heating up in the microwave, Emma was looking in the pantry and I was looking in the cupboard for a plate to warm my meal.

Suddenly, I smelled something smokey and thought it might be the decorative candle on the counter but that didn’t seem to be it. Plus, it hadn’t smelled like that the previous weeks it was on.

No sooner did Emma yell, “Fire!”

I turned around to see flames inside the microwave. I quickly shut off the microwave and slowly opened the door. The flames soon died down so I didn’t have to break out the fire extinguisher.

Turned out, Nolan was heating up his casserole on a non-microwavable safe plate. It had then caused the paper towel that was covering it to start on fire.

It could have been so much worse. Fortunately, I was home with the kids and in the kitchen. Fortunately, Emma saw the fire in time.

I think it was an answer to prayer. My wife and I pray together every week for our family. We pray for the Lord’s leading. We pray about coming events in the week. We pray for each other. We pray for our kids. We pray for protection.

Praying for protection though, is no guarantee you won’t experience a house fire or other catastrophe in your life. What it means is that when the fires come, you’ll be strong enough to stand through it. I think I got that thought from Fireproof.

It’s a good thought though, isn’t it. That is what we need. To be able to stand when the trials and difficult times in life come.

I’m reminded of a song called “Stand” by Susan Ashton. We stand in the face of the wind but we don’t stand alone. That is most beautiful part about it, that we are not alone. It is so much easier when we face a challenge arm in arm with a friend. So how much better to face it with God?!

Stay faithful. Stay prayerful.