Baseball is, was and always will be my favorite sport. It’s a sport of precision and strategy and second guessing and human error. It’s a fascinating sport to play and watch. It’s at times relaxing and at times edge of your seat excitement.

With the success of the Cubs this season, I’ve been into baseball a lot longer than normal. This blog post is published on October 25, 2016. This is the day of Game 1 of the 2016 World Series between the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians. Like the Cubs, the Indians have not won a World Series in a long time, 1948 was their last Championship. A bit longer for the Cubs. baseball

I grew up a Cubs fan soaking in the box score in the Chicago Tribune every day excited to see what pictures there might be from the game or what pictures of my favorite players like Sandberg, Dawson, Durham or Denier might be in the paper.

So this October has been more intense than most for me. The highs and lows one experiences with the postseason is about enough to give one an ulcer.

This would all sound ridiculous to me were it someone else’s team in some other sport. This October, I have become the people I have judged in the past for being so ridiculous with their fandom of their team. Especially hockey. Why would anyone get into hockey!

So as a parent I find myself having to check my emotions and watch where my passions are directed. I’ve tried to be cautious about pushing sports teams on my sons too excessively. I want them to be Cubs fans but not to the point where they would be crazy ridiculous about every win or loss. I’m embarrassed to say, I would get upset at a Cubs loss when I was young because I so badly wanted the team I followed to win it all. Just once.

To see the Cubs be so close tempts me back to days of my youth when I would get down at a loss. The Cubs won the National League pennant for the first time in 71 years, something I have never witnessed.

I hope to enjoy this World Series with my family, though most of them aren’t as into the games as I am, and not worry so much about a base runner for the opposing team. As much as I thought I had this sports fandom figured out, I don’t. I am consistently challenged to be a good sport, win or lose, and enjoy the ride. #FlyTheW #GoCubsGo