092 – Good Intentions vs Being Intentional

Show Notes Fun Times with Dad: Lately, I’ve been taking some time in the evenings to fish at the retention pond near our home. Being Intentional In his book, The 17 Essential Qualities of a Team Player, John Maxwell says, “To be intentional means working with purpose–making every action count.” To be intentional, you need to follow these five principles: Have a Purpose Worth Living For Know your Strengths and Weaknesses Prioritize your Responsibilities Learn to Say No Commit Yourself…

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091 – One Nation Under God

Show Notes What made this nation? Upon what principles was our country built? These are some of the questions Kirk Cameron had leading to the development of his documentary, “Monumental.” Through this journey, Kirk takes us to England, Holland, Massachusetts, Texas and Washington, D. C to find the answers. Forefathers It started with the Pilgrims coming to America for the glory of God and advancement of the Christian Faith (Mayflower Compact). But long before they came to America, they struggled…

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