084 – Point of Significance

Show Notes Fun Times for Dad: Experiencing Cubs Spring Training with the G6. We had an epic trip to Arizona taking in a round of golf, a hike up Pinnacle Peak and Cubs baseball! I was also reminded that I love warm weather. 🙂 Point of Significance Have you ever wondered what is significant about what you do and how you spend your time? Do you ever think about your purpose? I do. I put pen to paper and thought…

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083 – Avoiding Child-Centered Parenting

Show Notes Fun Times with Dad: Purdue/Indiana basketball rivalry and shamrock shakes! Parenting toddlers is challenging but we need to be consistent and firm during these years. Your “no” should mean “no”. It should not mean to ask until I say “yes”. This episode focuses on the danger of child-centered parenting and goes through the example of Cain. Child-Centered Parenting: Leads to the Parents’ Shame (Proverbs 29:15) Feeds Self-Destructive Lifestyles (1 Samuel 2:29 Is an Abdication of God-given Authority and…

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