080 – In Case of Death, Seek Advice

Show Notes Fun Times with Dad: Nolan helped me a little bit while working on a problem with our dryer. Death is not a fun topic to discuss. It’s not enjoyable to consider the death of your spouse or leaving your spouse behind. However, it can be very helpful to your spouse to have everything in order in case you do die unexpectedly. Dealing with death is bad enough without having a plan in place. Being prepared, just in case,…

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079 – Serve, Give, Build

Show Notes Fun Times with Dad: Enjoying Christmas Day with the family and teaching the kids to play euchre. What’s Up in 2017? I need 2017 to be less about myself. In this podcast episode I point out three things I want to strive to do better with in 2017: Serve the Lord Give Generously Build up Others Serve the Lord I found some scripture that resonated with me while doing my morning devotions recently. “And now, Israel, what does…

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