072 – Turning the Page

Show Notes Fun Times with Dad: Playing basketball with my sons. The benefit of having two sons, is that when the older son starts to catch up to you and beat you once in a while, you still have the younger son to beat. Reading Rocks! There are so many benefits to reading. Instilling in your children a love of reading will go far in benefiting them throughout their lives. Even in books that you read for pleasure contains a…

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Regular Relationship Maintenance

I spent a recent Saturday scraping and repainting the outdoor trim around the doorways of our house. I don’t care too much for painting but it was past time for it to be done. The paint was chipping and the trim was starting to look pretty shoddy. So I scraped and scraped and then I sanded and sanded some more. Then I painted carefully easing the brush along the trim. Then I grabbed the wet paper towel and dabbed the…

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071 – Focus on Foster Care Ministry with Jami Kaeb

Show Notes Jami Kaeb founded The Forgotten Initiative in 2011. In this episode, I talk with Jami about how it all started. Jami and her husband, Clint, have seven children, five of which came through adoption. The Forgotten Initiative focuses on the foster care community. Jami shares her story about how she discovered the needs of this community and what she did about it. Something initially piqued her curiosity about this community. From there, she took it to God in…

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