Show Notes

Fun Times with Dad: Hanging out with Alex at Purdue enjoying chili dogs, football and campus.

What is an Angry Child?

Children who are habitually oppositional and defiant.

  • Low frustration tolerance
  • Throw Tantrums consistently

Dealing with Angry Children

1. Search your own Heart
2. Aim for their heart – vertical rather than horizontal focus
What specifically does my child desire, want, fear, or believe in this moment?
What specifically is my child not believing about God’s character, actions, promises, and commands, which would speak directly to his frustrated desires or fears?
3. Understand the wider context of your child’s anger

Modeling Consistency, Simplicity and Dependency

  • Model consistency in practicing what you preach
  • Model consistency in expectations and rules
  • Model consistency in discipline
  • Model simplicity by giving your child simple and clear instructions
  • Model dependency on God by repenting in front of your child when you haven’t been consistent or simple
  • Model dependency by reminding your child that she must depend on God to help change her heart an behavior

Angry Children mini-book