Show Notes

Anniversary Date: Instead of the “Fun Times with Dad” segment, I talk about the anniversary date my wife and I took to Chicago — Michigan Avenues, Les Miserables and Wrigleyville! We celebrated 20 years in September.


As believers, our identity should be in Christ. As humans, that doesn’t always happen. Sometimes, as parents, we put our identity in our kids, because, you know…life. In his book, Parenting, Paul David Tripp shares five indications to know if we are putting our identity in our kids.

5 Indications we Put Identity in our Kids:

  1. Too much focus on success
  2. Too much concern about reputation
  3. Too great a desire for control
  4. Too much emphasis on doing rather than being
  5. Too much temptation to make it personal

For more, please check out Tripp’s book, Parenting: 14 Gospel Principles that can Radically Change Your Family.