Show Notes

Fun Times with Dad: Our mower stopped working the other day shortly after we started mowing. I’m not real handy with such things and figured, given the age of the mower, it was time to pony up and buy a new one. However, it’s not the season to buy mowers in the Midwest so I figured I’d wait until the Spring and just try to get by these last weeks of mowing season with the riding mower. I decided to take the mower apart and go through some of the maintenance items per the manual to see if that would help. Nolan and I worked on it for a while cleaning out the carburetor and cleaning the air filter, etc. When we were done, we put it some gas and gave it a try. Low and behold it actually fired up. We jumped around like we just won the NLDS!

Postseason 2017

The Cubs are back in the National League Championship Series for the third straight year. They beat the Washington Nationals 3 games to 2 in an amazing series. The Cubs play the LA Dodgers in the NLCS.

You’re In Big Trouble Mister!

When my kids get in trouble, I’m likely to go off on them in a way that is helpful to no one. As parents, we can easily get caught up in putting our identity in the “goodness” of our children. This podcast episode centers on how we ought to respond when our kids get in trouble.

Practical Strategies for Change

  1. Develop Compassion
  2. Start Thinking about How to Show Mercy
  3. Involve the Community
  4. Invite Your Child Back to Relationship
  5. Celebrate
  6. Introduce Consequences

You may be wondering about some of those items listed there. Well then you better download this episode and check it out so you know what’s up!

A large part of the content in this episode comes from a booklet by William P. Smith called, When Your Kid’s in Trouble: How to Intervene Constructively.