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Fun Times with Dad: Nolan and I headed out on a bike ride this weekend to enjoy the warm and sunny weather.


“Recognizing what you are unable to do is essential to good parenting.” – Paul David Tripp

In his book, Parenting, Paul Tripp says, “as parents we are powerless to change the hearts of our children.” This came from the chapter titled “Inability.”

Often in our parenting we are demanding, aggressive, threatening, and focused on rules and punishments. We go about parenting with a thought process that we can control our kids. And while we can force temporary behavior adjustments, our methods don’t bring about the true heart change we desire to see in our children.

Your children need to you exercise authority as the representative of the author of change. – Paul David Tripp

Tripp suggests that we use three “power tools” in the way we parent to try and control our kids.

Power Tools:

  • Fear
  • Rewards
  • Shame

Listen in to this episode as we dive deeper into each of these power tools.

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