Show Notes

Fun Times with Dad: Nolan and I put together a patio set one weekend. Chores that you can involve your kids in like that are good father/son times.

Dealing with Dating

Have you thought about how you will handle your kids’ dating? Have you thought about what age is appropriate for them to wait to begin dating? I agree with those that believe the purpose of dating is to find a marriage partner. But it can be difficult to instill that idea in our kids. Some will understand the wisdom and see the value in waiting to date, others will not.

You can enforce a “no dating” rule but that may result in your kids sneaking around anyway.

In this episode I talk about Dennis Rainey’s book, Interviewing Your Daughter’s Date. If your daughter dates, it make sense to “interview” and have a conversation with the person that wants you to entrust them with your daughter. It’s a big deal to allow someone to take your daughter away from you. It’s not too much to ask to have a talk with them beforehand.

Interviewing Your Daughter’s Date (Book)
Interviewing Your Daughter’s Date (CD)