Show Notes

Website Changes

I’m in the process of changing to a new host, so I decided to make some changes with the websites as well. will now be redirected to I will be keeping all content under one roof and removing a website in the process for easier manageability.

Letting Go

Last Friday we moved our firstborn to college. While this is the right move for Alex and where he is supposed to be, it is no less difficult on the parents. I discuss my thoughts on this move in this podcast episode.

Learning to Let Go

Some years ago, I wrote a song called Learning to Let Go and the last stanza was about moving our son to college. And now that moment has come and gone.

There he goes moving his stuff into the dorm
After this day, we won’t see him as much anymore
And oh how time flies, seems like I just watched his first ballgame
And I softly cry, look at my rear view mirror as we drive away