Show Notes

What made this nation? Upon what principles was our country built? These are some of the questions Kirk Cameron had leading to the development of his documentary, “Monumental.” Through this journey, Kirk takes us to England, Holland, Massachusetts, Texas and Washington, D. C to find the answers.


It started with the Pilgrims coming to America for the glory of God and advancement of the Christian Faith (Mayflower Compact). But long before they came to America, they struggled for the freedom to study the Bible!

I’ve seen a lot of neat monuments, but one I didn’t even know existed until seeing the documentary is the Forefathers Monument. This is a “roadmap,” if you will, of the characteristics necessary to serve as the foundation for a nation.

In this monument is included the principles of Faith, Character and Morality, Civil authority, Justice, Mercy, Education, and Wisdom all leading to Liberty.

Founding Fathers

Coming 150 years after the Forefathers, were the Founding Fathers. The question at this point is, would the founding fathers continue to follow the strategy of the fore fathers?

John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton and other signers of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution funding the printing of family Bibles around the year 1798.

Congress printed the first Bible in English. They knew that was the character that would make America thrive. Even if they were not personal genuine followers, they knew the Christian values were needed.

“If you’re going to have a civil government that has justice and law it has to be based upon a moral foundation that’s based on the church.” – Herb Titus

When Christ is ignored – a nation will self-destruct.

We live in God’s world. Our foundation must be God’s word.