Show Notes

Fun Times with Dad: We went to a dinner where Alex was presented with the Ronald Reagan Student Leadership Award. It’s a proud moment for a parent when you see your child get recognized. State Senator, Brandt Hershman, presented the award. Both my parents and Heather’s parents were able to attend as well, which made it extra special.

Why Go To a Marriage Conference

There are many reasons to go to a marriage conference. In this episode, I will share four reasons with you.

  1. Allows you to reconnect
  2. Allows you to focus on your most important relationship (outside of your relationship with Christ)
  3. Provides uninterrupted time for conversation
  4. Provides a good example for the kids

One of the “big ideas” they shared at the conference is that every marriage is moving toward oneness or moving toward isolation. It becomes evident that as we draw closer to Christ, we are moving toward oneness. But if we don’t handle conflict well, if we don’t communicate well, if we don’t handle difficult circumstances well, we can begin to feel isolated from one another.

Marriage conferences aren’t just for those marriages that are on the brink of separation. Though there are couples that attend such conferences in hopes of saving their marriage, marriage conferences are great for strengthening an already strong marriage.

The Weekend to Remember conference provided some special moments for Heather and I that I will remember for a long time. I highly recommend it.