Show Notes

Fun Times with Dad: Purdue/Indiana basketball rivalry and shamrock shakes!

Parenting toddlers is challenging but we need to be consistent and firm during these years. Your “no” should mean “no”. It should not mean to ask until I say “yes”. This episode focuses on the danger of child-centered parenting and goes through the example of Cain.

Child-Centered Parenting:

  • Leads to the Parents’ Shame (Proverbs 29:15)
  • Feeds Self-Destructive Lifestyles (1 Samuel 2:29
  • Is an Abdication of God-given Authority and Responsibility (1 Kings 1:5)

Neglect of discipline is among the worst forms of child abuse. – Jim Newheiser

What we learn from Cain’s Disobedience

1. Cain’s tantrum led him to become a slave to sin, to commit murder, and lie to God. (Genesis 4:2-9)
2. Cain is not credited with faith or righteousness since he did not regard God’s commands as authoritative. (Hebrews 11:4)
3. Cain so despised God’s ways that he sought to destroy anyone who reminded him of God’s righteous standards, including his own brother. (1 John 3:12)
4. The core of Cain’s problem was his ungodliness. (Jude 4, 8, 12, 11, 18)

God’s most basic command to children is to honor and obey their parents. When we fail to train our children to obey God — by obeying their parents — we prepare them to live lives of self-centered rebellion, and we are guilty of raising Cains.


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