Show Notes


My uncle giving us a demo on the black powder canon.

Fun Time with Dad: Pressing apples for cider and firing off a black powder canon!

In this episode, I talk about five types of paternalism as discussed in the book, When Helping Hurts by Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert. While the book primarily looks at helping the poor through missions and other ways, I wanted to look at some of the principles in the book from a parenting perspective.

Four Broken Relationships:

  1. With God – Poverty of Spiritual Intimacy
  2. With Self – Poverty of Being
  3. With Others – Poverty of Community
  4. With Rest of Creation – Poverty of Stewardship

Paternalism – Habitually doing things for people that they can do for themselves.

Five Types of Paternalism

  • Resource Paternalism: giving people resources they do not truly need and/or could acquire on their own.
  • Spiritual Paternalism: taking spiritual leadership away from the materially poor, assuming we have more to offer than they do.
  • Knowledge Paternalism: assuming we have all the best ideas about how to do things.
  • Labor Paternalism: doing work for the materially poor that they could do for themselves.
  • Managerial Paternalism: taking ownership of change away from the poor, insisting that they follow our “better, more efficient” way of doing things.