Show Notesws01

The Chicago Cubs won the World Series!! I will never get tired of saying that. Last week I blogged about my experience attending Game 3 of the World Series. An unbelievable experience I never dreamed would happen. This week I wrap of the amazing season the Chicago Cubs had in not only getting to, but also winnws02ing the World Series.

As every other Cubs fan, I am so excited with the Cubs run though the postseason. As we went through October, I was a bundle of nerves hanging on every pitch and praying for a Cubs win. No game was more stressful or as much of a roller coaster as Game 7 of the World Series.

In this episode I share my memories growing up a Cubs fan and some journal entries from when I was in High School where I talk about the Cubs. Finally, I talk about the postseason and how it came about that I was able to get World Series tickets to the first World Series game at Wrigley Field in 71 years!


Go Cubs!