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Fun Times with Dad: Playing basketball with my sons. The benefit of having two sons, is that when the older son starts to catch up to you and beat you once in a while, you still have the younger son to beat.

Reading Rocks!

There are so many benefits to reading. Instilling in your children a love of reading will go far in benefiting them throughout their lives. Even in books that you read for pleasure contains a lot of educational material. For example, I recently started reading Five Presidents by Clint Hill. In it he describes the incident of the U-2 cover up that took place when Eisenhower was president (Note: this has nothing to do with the band, U2.). I’m sure I learned something about it in school but reading about it in the form of a personal story helps to understand it better.

Use reading as a reward for your kids. Listen in to this episode about how to do this.

2016 NL Central Division Champions

The Cubs are 41 games over .500 (at the time of this recorded episode). All the areas seem to be clicking along this year, the pitching, the hitting and the defense. This is an young and exciting team to watch. The two pitchers that lead all of MLB incubs04 ERA start for the Cubs (Kyle Hendricks and Jon Lester). Their run differential (runs scored – runs allowed) is ridiculous at around +230.

Here’s to hoping the Cubs can make a deep run in the playoffs this season!

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