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Clint and Jami Kaeb and family

Clint and Jami Kaeb and family

Jami Kaeb founded The Forgotten Initiative in 2011. In this episode, I talk with Jami about how it all started. Jami and her husband, Clint, have seven children, five of which came through adoption.

The Forgotten Initiative focuses on the foster care community. Jami shares her story about how she discovered the needs of this community and what she did about it.

Something initially piqued her curiosity about this community. From there, she took it to God in prayer. Having prayed, she made herself available. And finally, took action to help.

I appreciate this takeaway from our conversation. This is how God moves in us if we are open to the work He has for us:

Curiosity -> Prayer -> Availability -> Action

There were plenty of challenges along the way as well, both emotional and practical challenges in meeting the needs of foster children. Jami shares challenges they faced along the way and provides advice for those who may be considering foster parenting.

You and your spouse may not be lead to be foster parents but there are other ways you can get involved and help too. Jami shares some specific ways to do this.

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