Show Notes

Brandon Perry, from LIFE Leadership, joins me in this episode to discuss marriage, parenting and finances. Brperry-familyandon is married to his wife, Chelsea, and they have two young children.

Purchasing Decisions

When making purchasing decisions, even “small” ones, determine if it is a Want or a Need. Take your time in making the decision. Sit on it for a day or two before buying and don’t make any spontaneous purchases. Also, don’t get sucked in to making purchases for TVs, furniture, etc, on a payment plan.

Financial Management Tips

Drive an “older” car, buy used vehicles, don’t lease. Build up your savings for making bigger purchases. Count the cost and recognize it is hard sometimes but set financial goals and work to achieve them.

Discipline yourself when handling your finances. Don’t spend money you don’t have. Be careful with credit cards.

Parenting and Marriage

Brandon shares his parenting goal in “doing my job to return my son and daughter back to the Lord.” Our country can be great when we fix the family home and focus on the relationships with our spouse and our kids. Great families result from great marriages which is the foundation of a great country.

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