Show Notes

Fun Time with Dad: Helping with a landscaping project. I talk with Nolan about the project as well.HardWorkBringsReward

We touch on a bunch of topics in this episode as I welcome “Trevor” to the podcast. Trevor is a foreign exchange student from Great Britain.

We talk about differences from our two countries such as driving on the opposite side of the road, parenting, the Olympics and some of our favorite events and favorite athletes, baseball and the recent 11-game winning streak for the Chicago Cubs, getting ready to start school for the year, food and viral videos.

Hard Work Brings Reward ~ Trevor

This is a fun and light episode as you might imagine it would be with a 12-year old. Sometimes it’s good to kick back and have a chat with a kid.

Phil and Nolan (aka Trevor)

Me with Nolan (aka Trevor)


Charlie Bit Me
Cubs 11-game Win Streak