Show Notes

Fun Times with Dad: When I was playing Monopoly with my kids the other night, I was charging rent to my son on a property that was un-owned. Sneaky, I know. He wasn’t too happy, but my daughter thought it was funny.

First-Time Obedience

Develop a “First-Time obedience” or “No second chances” parenting philosophy. The earlier you are able to start this with your children, the more you will notice the benefits of this as they grow!firsttimeobedience

Benefits of First-Time Obedience:

  • Kids are more thoughtful/intentional in what they ask for
  • Creates a greater respect for authority
  • Cuts down on arguments


The reality is, people that look like they have it all together when it comes to household chores for the kids, don’t really have it all together. In our home, sometimes the cat doesn’t always get fed, . However, it’s terrific to have chores assigned to your kids. Chores help kids learn responsibility and gives them ownership of their responsibility.

Pokémon Go

I haven’t played this new game that is all the rage this summer, but I will advise you, as parents, to do your homework on it and set some boundaries with it as with all technology, screen time, etc. Focus on the Family created a guide for parents on it that will help you in talking about it with your family.

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