Show Notes

Fun Times with Dad: Emma and I went to see the movie, The Jungle Book. The kids helped me with the washing and waxing of our vehicles.

DriftBeing Intentional

If we’re not intentional and paying attention, we can find ourselves drifting away in our relationship with our spouse and/or our kids.

Score Card for Husbands

It can be a bit of a reality check to evaluate yourself in your role as a husband. It can be even more of a reality check to allow your wife to evaluate you. But how will you get better as a husband if you aren’t paying attention to what needs to be improved?

Praying for your Family

A couple of books (listed in the Links section) I have read recently have some goods lists of how you can pray for your wife and for your kids. There are so many verses in the Bible that help us in this area. These resources list ways to pray for our family along with the verses that tie into each prayer.

I challenge you, especially men, to evaluate yourself in your role as a husband and dad and to focus more this week on praying for your family.

The Battle Plan for Prayer
War Room
Don’t Make Me Count to Three